Idea Consult is a business information hub providing business intelligence on more than 700 industries across the US market.

We strive to be an agent of change for a better future.

We recognize that the right information empowers people. With Intellihance™, we gather data across trusted sources and craft them in an easy-to-digest format for the average person to better understand the market trends, risks, and opportunities.

Our vision is to provide universal access to business intelligence. We are designing our platform and market research solutions to help entrepreneurs, consultants, and analysts access accurate and actionable data for profitable business decisions. We are working towards bringing data to the forefront, where it is accessible to everyone.
At Idea Consult, we believe that market research doesn’t have to be daunting or costly. We devised Intellihance™ for an efficient and cost-effective market research process. Business owners and consultants receive a comprehensive data analysis in less than a minute, without hidden charges at all.

Our Solution

Idea Consult’s first-ever solution to empowering clients in making better business decisions.

Intellihance™ is our all-in-one platform providing you with the latest business trends and economic analysis for your business industry. Get a preliminary score assessment for your business and access data reports right from your dashboard.

Our Founders

Tarek Bukai

Founder and CEO
Tarek is a transformational leader with a passion for challenges and a commitment to revolutionizing excellence. His expertise in investment management and financial analysis, together with his business development experience at Magna Invest, equips Tarek with innovative and winning strategies for Idea Consult to deliver better business decisions to its clients.

Nadia Lahham

Co-Founder and COO

Nadia is a tenacious senior marketing and consulting professional for over 20 years. Her expertise lies in strategy design, project management, and execution of marketing initiatives in the B2B and B2C sectors. Coupled with her experiences from working with brands like Dell, Air Canada, and Microsoft, Nadia has the marketing insights to bring Idea Consult to the forefront – right where its clients need it the most.