for Consultants

Consultants are looking for user-friendly software when it comes to offering business development and growth advice.

You can tap Intellihance’s predictive capabilities to maintain your consultancy’s competitive edge.

Recommend better strategies for organizational efficiency and transformation with the help of the digital tool’s data mining and reporting capabilities.

How can Intellihance keep your clients ahead
of their game?
Powered by artificial intelligence, Intellihance conducts market research quickly, helping your partners navigate through change or crisis with sufficient speed and agility.

The platform can build an accurate demographic profile of your target market in up to five locations.

Moreover, you can compare up to two business segments under the same sector using its Industry Outlook tool.

With the right data, you can help partners not only survive but even thrive to become business disruptors or innovators in their field.

How can Intellihance support your client’s sustainability goals?

With the aid of Intellihance’s Industry Outlook and Competitive Landscape features, you can give your clients a picture of the sector under which they belong and based on location.

The tool generates data and visualizations that cover industry performance, revenues, top players, risk levels, and other key pieces
of information that can help you guide businesses on where they should allocate resources, cut costs, and improve quality.