Terms & Conditions

Our Intellihance platform delivers the set of metrics that are considered key indicators when assessing a market opportunity.The determination of what these key data points are was made by Idea Consult’s team of consultants, based on decades of experience in the field.

The scope of the Intellihance covers over 1,500 industries of the NAICS database and any zip code, county or state in the US.

The purpose is to aggregate and deliver all these predefined metrics in an automated, user-friendly platform, cutting down on costs and secondary research time. Data is sourced from a collection of the nation’s government and private resources.

Sources include:

IBIS World
Census Bureau

While the information collected and presented equip users with a fairly comprehensive start for a preliminary market analysis exercise, our business scoring formula factors our proprietary interpretation of these demographic and economic data points.

As is the case when dealing with heterogeneous databases from multiple sources, some errors are inevitable.

Some sectors are are still missing and specific information on others is lacking from the source.

No representation is made as to the accuracy of the databases utilized or the results of subsequent analyses.

Idea Consult has not undertaken independent primary research to confirm the accuracy of the data utilized and is not responsible for conclusions drawn or decisions made based upon this data or analysis.

In no event will the Idea Consult be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential resulting from the use of the information contained in Intellihance reports.