Intellihance™ grants instant access to business intelligence personalized for your needs and objectives.

Cut down research time by 95% and research costs by 65% with Intellihance™’s automated market research process. We help entrepreneurs and consultants make better business decisions.

A Unique User Interface

Intellihance™ identifies your needs with three easy steps:
  1. Select your area.
  2. Select your target industry.
  3. Define your customer persona.

A Proprietary Algorithm

Whether you’re looking to assess business opportunities, understand the latest industry trends, or enrich your marketing strategy, Intellihance™ can deliver accurate and instant results.

Intellihance™ gathers tailored information and provides a scientifically assessed business opportunity score.

Convenient Access to All Reports

Access your reports in downloadable formats (PDF, Excel) from the convenience of your Intellihance™ dashboard.

Demographic Data

Any US zip code, county, or state
Build an accurate customer persona identifying the demographic, household data, and consumer behavior. Set your customer persona at any US state, county, or zip code.

Select up to five areas. Group or view them individually to compare and contrast information.

  • Population count
  • Population by age, gender, ethnicity, education, marital status and language spoken
  • Households count estimates and Income
  • Household by Relationships, Personal Income for the area selected and per Capita Personal Income
  • Consumer spending habits

Compare two business segments from the same industry.

  • Industry Definition, Revenue, Growth, Number of establishments, and Profit Margin
  • Industry Operating Margin and Risk Level
  • Value added by Industry and contribution to GDP
  • Gross Output
  • Median Annual Wages

Industry Outlook

700+ industries
Intellihance™ provides in-depth data to over 700 business segments. Get a better grasp on your target industry’s dynamics, such as revenue, profit margin, and risk levels, to make better, informed business decisions.

Competitive Landscape

At an industry and zip code level
Accurately plot an industry landscape with Intellihance™ to stay updated on trends and top players. Build a strategy to differentiate your business from the competitors with a custom list of key competitors within your area.

Get up to 40 local competitors’ information and customer ratings.

  • Key Players
  • Barriers to Entry Checklist
  • Competitive Players in the area selected

Get a score for your business in all the geographic areas you selected.

  • Scoring Assessment for the area selected
  • Scoring Assessment for the business Industry
  • Overall Business Opportunity Scoring

Business Opportunity Score

Scaled from 0-10
Our proprietary scoring formula is developed by our team of strategy consultants and Ivy-League advisors. Intellihance™ assesses your business opportunities for your target area and industry.

Get started

Find out if your business segment is included in our list of covered industries.
3 easy steps to get started:
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