Intellihance for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you can’t just rely on your instincts when setting up and running a business.
You need historical and current data to make informed business decisions and create insight-based strategies.

How can Intellihance help you to determine the most profitable location?

It’s essential for business to select a suitable address. Whether you plan to open up a restaurant or dental practice, Intellihance can provide you with the demographic information you need to determine whether your product or service can cater to the local population’s needs.

You can also assess your future prospects in the area by using the Industry Outlook feature.Industry Outlook helps you discover the performance of other businesses like yours.

How can Intellihance support risk management?Intellihance’s Business Opportunity Score generator can help you evaluate the viability of establishing an office or shop in a particular location.

The result can aid you in predicting operational, manpower, and risks.

This will also save you the pain of experiencing slow market response and customer loss.

Identifying potential risks would help you protect your cash flow and funds.

How can Intellihance optimize your marketing efforts?

The Competitive Landscape tool identifies the key industry players in your chosen location, so you’d know exactly what you’ll be up against.

By combining competitor data with demographics, you can then plan your marketing campaigns, product or service pricing, and customer experience strategy.

Doing so will enable your business to offer something that can fill gaps in the sector.