What We Do

We’re an online consultancy software that combines market research best practices, data mining and processing technology. Our platform is designed to deliver you a faster, easier and more affordable access to the business intelligence you need in order to qualify your business idea from the get-go.

Validate Your Idea

Like a sanity check, we’ll help you figure out if it makes sense to pursue your idea before rushing into any grand investment of time and money. In this first step, we’ll deliver a preliminary overview of market based criteria and dynamics specific to your needs, so you can decide on your next step.

Build Your Business Case

Turns out your idea has traction and potential in the marketplace? It’s time to roll out the big guns and dive into the specifics: We’ll look into your product criteria to help you evaluate prices, markup, and understand regulations of your market so you can build a winning business plan.

Start Your Business

We’ll help you get from idea to execution by putting at your disposal our team of passionate consultants equipped with the best tools and approaches, so you can take giant leaps toward creating a business. From financing to branding and marketing, we provide you the full spectrum of services you need to be in market.